Alder Lake

Alder Pool is 1/2 acre in size and consists of 13 swims with depths ranging from 3ft in the margins to 7ft in deeper water making it ideal in winter or the summer. The lake is designed with the pleasure angler in mind but is also ideal for matches with our 6 hour match record topping 100lbs! 

The lake is heavily stocked with Bream to 9lbs, Tench to 8lbs, Carp to 12lbs, Perch to 2lbs and large heads of Roach and Rudd and is ideal for all anglers ranging from beginners to professional match anglers. Best tactics on Alder pool tends to be float fishing either on the pole or rod and line, loose feed little and often and make sure you are fishing a little overdepth on the lake bottom and you should get some regular action. Best bait in winter is maggots or worm and during the warmer months better fish will be caught on sweetcorn, pellets and meat.

If you wish to hold any matches, please do give us a call, as we have several additional options. We can offer you with “exclusive lake hire”
and the use of our games room can be turned into a club room, with drinks, snacks etc. We can organise any food or drinks that you
would like provided (additional cost)


Swim 1

One of the most popular swims on the pool and produces a lot of carp especially in the warmer months. Fishing to the right margin near the bridge will produce a lot of bonus fish.

Swim 2

Fish tight to the margins on the left for a lot of carp or around 8 metres out in front for Bream and Tench.

Swim 3

Shallower area of lake with around 4-5ft average depth. Fishes best in summer.

Swim 4

The shallowest swim on the lake so a real swim for the summer where the larger carp tend to feed tight to the margins.

Swim 5

Fishing around 6-7 metres directly out will offer around 6ft of water and a good swim for mixed bags all year round.

Swim 6

Very similar to swim 5, fishing at around 6-7 metres will produce good mixed bags in 5-6ft of water.

Swim 7

Fish can be caught here from a range of only 3 or 4 metres or on the margins either side.

Swim 8

Very good swim in winter or summer with excellent margin fishing and around 6ft of water at around 7metres out. Tends to produce some big Tench and Bream.

Swim 9

Right hand margin tends to fish best on this swim in the summer. Carp, Bream and Tench all known to patrol here.

Swim 10

The number 1 Tench swim on the lake! Fishing at around 7 metres directly in front, you will find a deep spot around 7ft which has a history of producing some big Tench.

Swim 11

A very good swim for silvers. Regularly produces big bags of bream and one of the deepest swims in the lake so a good winter swim.

Swim 12

Left hand margin regularly produces good size carp and fishing around 6 metres in front will produce god mixed bags all year round.

Swim 13

One of the shallower swims on the lake, fishes particularly well over the summer. It is the best swim for margin fishing for carp with the overhanging bush to the left a particular hotspot.