Fishing at Burton Springs

We have 3 tranquil and picturesque lakes for you to enjoy.

Kingfisher Lake

Alder Lake

Specimen Lake

Kingfisher lake is the 1st and contains approximately 50 catfish ranging from 13lbs to 80lbs. We are Somersets only licensed catfish water.
The lake contains carp up to 27lbs, aswell.

 Alder Pool is our mixed course lake and is ideal for the pleasure angler or matches. The lake is stocked with bream, tench, carp, perch, roach, crucian carp and rudd.
Specimen Carp lake is our far lake and has carp (Mirror & Common) up to 30lbs. This lake requires booking.

Watch our drone flyover for an overview and to help you pick your ideal spot

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