Kingfisher Catfish Lake

Kingfisher catfish lake contains approximately 50 catfish ranging from 13lbs to 80lbs stocked in Spring 2015 and is Somerset’s ONLY licensed
Catfish water. These fish are sure to pack on the weight very quickly and will offer a real challenge to all anglers new to Catfish angling or
seasoned pro’s. The lake also has grass carp upto 27 lbs. The lake consists of 4 swims doubles or singles and each swim is within its own “Bay”


Swim 1

This is the closest to Quantock View pod and perfect for couples.

Swim 2

Is nearest to the car park, with all the facilities and is our “accessible” swim. This swim is either a single or small double.

Swim 3

Has the Fisherman’s Rest next to it and they work perfectly together. With power, a dedicated seating BBQ area, this swim is great for 2 anglers. Also, couples and does get sun pretty much all day, but there are shaded spots. 

Swim 4

Is the furthest swim and is tucked up near the top corner hedge. This is a lovely, secluded spot and very much suited to the angler who loves the peace.

All anglers who book to fish on Kingfisher Lake must bring their own fish handling equipment. The net must be a minimum of 50 inches and we can hire out a Catfish Pro XL unhooking mat for £5.00 a session if you pre-book this. Please be aware that ALL equipment must be net dripped prior to the start of any session.