Specimen Carp Fishing Lake

Burton Springs Carp Lake is uniquely beautiful. With trees, wildflowers, reed beds and large hedges. It feels like a world of its own within the quite serenity of the countryside. The lake has six swims, four double swims and two single swims. All swims are stone/woodchipped and are easily accessible from the unloading bay. The lake is graded with 2 metres of gravel/stone running all around the edge, getting deeper to the soft clay base, with the deepest parts 8ft. Each swim has a gravel bank 2metres by 2metres. 


Swim 1

This is a double swim and the first you see when you enter the lake. It is sure to be an excellent swim for the warmer months as it offers
some excellent margin spots although anglers can also access thedeeper open water. One of the springs feeding the lake is based here.


Swim 2

This is a single swim which has plenty of space and allows you to access the island. This is also one of the deepest.



Swim 3

This is another double swim, and it offers the largest area of water on the lake. Access to the deepest water as well as the island at around 70 yards will make it a challenging yet potentially rewarding cast!

Swim 4

A single swim allowing easy access to the Island as well as the fondly named ‘Common Corner’. This swim has an inlet pipe from Bayley’s brook which provides an influx of cool water in the summer months that the Carp love to hunker around. There one of our aerators just to the right. This is one of the shallower swims.

Swim 5

This is a single swim and is the only swim on the western side of the lake. It is furthest from the Unloading bay and it can be lonely. But
the isolation means it is likely to be one of the unpressured areas of the lake. This is also one of the swallower swims.


Swim 6

Finally, swim six is a double swim. It is only 100 metres from the loading
bay and offers access to one of the best margins and snag spots on
the lake as well as open water. The willow tree is a favourite “hiding”
spot for the carp. Also one of the springs feeding the lake is here, aswell as the aerator.